Local April 23, 2016 | 9:34 am

Dominican Republic in national push to rid mosquitos

Santo Domingo.- The Public Health Ministry on Friday launchedthe fourth nationwide push looking to eliminate more than 300,000 sites where mosquitosthat transmit Zika, dengue and chikungunya breed.

Public Health minister Altagracia Guzman headed the drive accompaniedby officials of several government agencies, who visited several sectors of SantoDomingo Norte, whose residents were shown the importance of keeping their homesclean and in a mosquito-free environment.

She said provincial Public Health directors will coordinateand instruct each of the government agencies and civil society in everyprovince to better organize and make sure the message reaches the populationeffectively.

Guzman said Greater Santo Domingo is among the mostvulnerable areas because the vector mosquito (Aedes Aegyptus) is found in urbanareas and reproduces easily in homes and even in clean water. “Although it iseasy to prevent reproduction, if the objects that can store water are eliminated.

The official said she expects greater participation by morepeople this time around, especially with students from several universities whomshe affirms were oriented to raise awareness on the importance of preventingthose diseases.

She said technical staff continue to carry out appropriateaction, stressing the application of guidelines for homes, where families areurged to keep water containers covered and to get rid from their surroundings anyobject where mosquitos can breed.

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