Local April 25, 2016 | 12:19 pm

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Society marks 51 years since the War of April 1965

Santo Domingo.- Society organizations, leftists andConstitutionalist fighters on Sunday marked the 51st anniversary of the movement"return to constitutionality without elections," which exploded intothe War of April 24, 1065,and lasted several months in 1965.

The ceremonies began early with several wreaths laid at theAltar of the Nation and at the statue the hero of the War of April, Col.Francisco Alberto Caamaño, in front of that monument.

The Constitutionalist Military Foundation, formed by men andwomen who fought for the Constitution to respect the April 24, 1965, called oncitizens to never forget what they affirm is an important date.

"A people that forgets its historical events canrepeat them again and we want no more coups," said Foundation president AndrésFortunato.

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