Local May 3, 2016 | 12:10 pm

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NY bodega owners decry NYPD ‘harassment’

New York.- NY Bodega Owners Association president RamonMurphy on Tuesday said New York police harasses them by instilling fear andforce them to give up their legal rights.

He said even the English language press has had to takenote of their plight because "nine out of 10 measures to reduce nuisancewere against stores located in neighborhoods where most residents are minorities(Latinos and blacks)."

Murphy called the alleged harassment “outrageous racialprofiling,” especially since mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration has made policereform of their practices in minority communities a priority. “In fact, withmuch fanfare, the city issued new guidelines to prevent racial discriminationby the police,” the business leader told local media.

“Considering how bodegas are in the crosshairs, it seemsthat some people in the NYPD did not receive the training they need, because itis known that the institution is carrying out its execution, intimidating shopowners and immigrants to waive their constitutional rights and make them signconsent orders that may endanger their livelihood and long-term investment.”

He said they will use all legal means and political actionto combat police measure against the most vulnerable stores, where he affirms theyresort to intimidation tactics to force owners to give up their legal rights.

"This is very unfair and we will fight with all legaland political means at our disposal," Murphy said.

There are currently thousands of bodegas in Manhattan, theBronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, most of them owned by Dominicans.

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