Local May 6, 2016 | 4:05 pm

East region kingpin gets 10 years in prison

Monte Plata, Dominican Republic.- The Monte Plata AppellateCourt on Friday convicted Winston Rizik (El Gallero) of drug trafficking, moneylaundering and possession of illegal weapons, and sentenced him to 10 years inprison.

It also convicted his brother Nelson Rizik of complicity andruled for a 5-year suspended prison sentence.

The ruling orders the confiscation of Winston Rizik’s numerousassets including a farm where the drug and guns were found.

Upon leaving the courthouse, Winston Rizik said it was alla plot against him and that the seized drug was placed there in complicity withthe Special Anti-money Laundering Prosecutor.

Together with ex-convict Ramon A. del Rosario Puente (ToñoLeña) and Pascual Jesus Cabrera Ruiz, Winston Rizik was considered the drug kingpinsof the East region.

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