Local May 12, 2016 | 9:18 am

All parties must take part, respect poll result: Top observer

Santo Domingo.- The head of the Union of South AmericanNations (Unasur) observer mission, Jorge Taiana, called on all politicians tomaintain their commitment to participate in and respect Sunday’s electionsresult.

"I don’t doubt that the will of the Dominicans will beexpressed on Sunday and will be faithfully interpreted," Taiana said toreporters after a meeting with Central Electoral Board (JCE) president RobertoRosario.

He lauded the JCE for its work leadeing to the elections, andcalled for a commitment by all parties and society in the process, to exercisethe right to vote and respect the outcome of the polls.

Taiana said he agrees with the electronic vote-count to beimplemented by the JCE and notes that there’s no time to change the tallyingmethod. "As the saying goes, you cannot change horses in midstream.Moreover, this system has had some legitimacy in a process which has taken severalyears and has involved the participation of the political forces."

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