Local May 12, 2016 | 11:05 am

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OAS observers meet with opposition presidential candidates

Santo Domingo.- The Organization of American States (OAS) observersare meeting with presidential candidates and representatives of oppositionparties, in a the capital’s Marriott hotel.

Mission chief, Colombian ex-president Andres Pastrana toldthe opposition that the delegation of 40 observers are experts in variousareas, such as gender and resolution of conflicts.

He said the mission’s preliminary report on the outcome in Sunday’sgeneral elections would be released in a news conference on Monday.

Among those present in the meeting which began just after 8amfigure the presidential candidate of the majority opposition party (PRM) LuisAbinader and his colleagues; Pelegrin Castillo (FNP); Minou Tavarez (APD); SorayaAquino (PUN) and Elias Wessin (PQD.

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