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Dominicans can expect to live to 73.9, EFE reports

Geneva.- Chile is the Latin American country with thehighest average life expectancy, at 80.5 years, and second in the Americas,behind only Canada (82.2 years) according to the World Health Organization(WHO), EFE reports.

The WHO annual global health study found that Chile is theonly country in the region with over 80 years of average life expectancy.

Moreover, only nine other Latin American countries areabove the 75-year average life expectancy threshold: Costa Rica, 79.6; Cuba, 79.1;Panama, 77.8; Uruguay, 77; Mexico, 76.7; Argentina, 76.3; Ecuador, 76.2; Peru 75.5and Brazil with 75.

Trailing the leaders are Nicaragua, Colombia, and Honduras,with 74.8; Venezuela, 74.1; Paraguay, 74; Dominican Republic, 73.9; ElSalvador, 73.5; Guatemala, 71.9; while Bolivia is the Latin American country withthe lowest average life expectancy, at 70.7 years.

Between 2000 and 2015 the world’s average life expectancy increased5 years, the sharpest advance since the sixties.

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