Local June 23, 2016 | 3:34 pm

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Haiti returns cattle, motorcycles stolen in Dominican territory

Dajabón, Dominican Republic .- Haiti authorities in FortLiberté Dept. on Thursday handed over two heads of cattle and two motorcyclesthat Haitians had stolen from Dominican in Dajabón province (northwest),officials quoted by EFE said today.

Haitian officials delivered the animals and motorcycles totheir owners on efforts by Dominican consul in Ouanaminthe (Haiti northeast), FranciscoGustavo Lemberg.

After receiving the properties, José and Nelson Taveras thankedLemberg and the Border Security Corps (Cesfront), of which one of its officers ownsone of the motorcycles stolen and taken to Haiti.

Nelson Taveras said there’s more cattle and other livestockstill in Haiti, which he affirms have been stolen in Dominican territory, butnoted that Haiti Police cannot recover them without a court order.

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