Local July 7, 2016 | 2:37 pm

Opposition parties snub electoral certificates ceremony

Santo Domingo.- president Central Electoral Board (JCE)Roberto Rosario on Thursday afternoon handed their election certificates to presidentDanilo Medina and vice president Margarita Cedeño.

In turn Medina congratulated the JCE for staging theelectoral process that culminated in the May 15 elections. "Thanks to themembers of the Central Electoral Board and especially its president RobertoRosario Márquez for their hard work and effort in organizing and assemblingthis electoral process."

As announced however, the candidates of the opposition PRMand PRSC parties were no-shows in the ceremony held in the Foreign Ministry,where the elected senators and deputies also received the certificates makingtheir victory official.

PRM president and formerpresidential candidate Luis Abinader recently demanded an audit of the JCEduring Rosario’s tenure of more than eight years as head of the institution.

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