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Dominican Republic has more than 6,000 people in contempt of court

Santo Domingo.- There are 6,241 people in contempt of courtin the National District alone, since the Criminal Procedure Code took effect in2004, according to figures compiled by listin.com.do..

Of that number 3,904 have been indicted on rulings by the Instructioncourts and decisions handed down by panel courts.

Moreover, 71 have also been convicted by courts in the variousjurisdictions, for drug trafficking and consumption, money laundering, murder, larceny,fraud, domestic violence, among other offenses. There are currently 487convicts on the loose.

But many of those declared in contempt didn’t faceincarceration, and regular court appearance, bond, house arrest, among others instead,which made it easy for them to fall through the judicial system’s cracks andavert proceedings.

Among the most common violations figure either failing tocomply with the conditions to grant bail or failing to appear after beingserved a subpoena to continue the process in compliance with legal requirements,for which they are declared in contempt.

Fugitives Capture Dept. director Minerva Batista on Mondayasked the citizens with information on the whereabouts of those people to contactthe National District Office of the Prosecutor, located on the fourth floor ofthe Pacio de Justicia de Ciudad Nueva with anonymity guaranteed.

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