Local September 9, 2016 | 8:28 am

Ruling for ex Public Works chief a ‘complacent position against corruption’

Santo Domingo.- The National District prosecutor on Thursdaysaid she’ll appeal before the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court ruling whichupheld the annulling the 18-month investigation for alleged embezzlement againstformer Public Works minister Victor Diaz Rúa.

Yeni Berenice Reynoso said the high court ruling violatesfundamental rules and principles of the Dominican Constitution and the CriminalProcedural Code. "To establish as valid arguments, clearly contrary to theprinciples of elementary logic and rationality, would take a complacent,passive and irresponsible position against corruption.”

The prosecution had appealed a lower court ruling thatordered the halt of the investigation against the former official.

Reynoso said the decision to appeal aims to contribute towhat she calls the jurisprudence of corruption, but especially to the DominicanConstitution.

The official also lauded the dissenting opinion of justicesMiriam German and Esther Agelán.

Regardless of this context, it is fair to acknowledge thatwe have honest and responsible judges, who have played their role with dignityand strength that the case has required, as evidenced by the dissenting votesof the honorable career judges comprising the Supreme Court Penal Chamber.”

in a press release, Reynoso said the prosecution will notfail in doing its part. “Each actor in the justice system must takeresponsibility for their decisions, the District Prosecutor’s Office will notfail to play our role because justice has handed down a manifestly unfair ruling.”

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