Local September 16, 2016 | 12:55 pm

California woman says brother is missing in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The following letter is from Maria Carranza,who is trying to locate her brother, -a ship worker- whom she affirms has gonemissing in the Dominican Republic.

“I’m sending pictures of my brother and information about thecompany that owns the ships. I’ve already been contacted by someone saying thatthey are looking for him and there is already a police report. His name is JulioBahaia, is 56 years of age and from Honduras.”

“I just spoke with my nephew who said that the boat isalready loaded and they want to sail tomorrow but we are afraid they’ll forgetto keep looking for him or that if there is anyone on that boat who knowsanything and it they leave the island it would be worse … but doesn’t knowwhat to do to prevent the boat from leaving.”

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