Local June 13, 2018 | 5:52 pm

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No significant sentences against govt. corruption: Industries

Santo Domingo.- After the US sanctions announced against senator Felix Bautista, the executive vice president of the Dominican Industries Association on Wed. said such signals should alert the country about the high level of impunity, “that’s transmitted in the fact that in the country there hasn’t been a significant sentence in terms of govt. corruption.”

Circe Almánzar said the institutional weakness overwhelms a country’s productive apparatus because “it permeates competitiveness, permeates the growth of employment, it also permeates in the use of public resources in an efficient manner.”

She said the time has come for the Dominican Republic to show justice and a judicial apparatus that works, “otherwise we’re corrupting the country entire institutionalization.”

“A country without strong institutions is a country that does not progress,” she said.

The business leader said that widespread govt. corruption also permeates the private sector.

“A productive apparatus that grows based on unhealthy practices does not grow in a sustainable manner,” Almanzar said during the 3rd Industrial Congress held in the Business Tower.

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