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US Embassy in Dominican Republic limits travel to Haiti

Haiti northeast.

Santo Domingo.- The US embassy in the Dominican Republic on Mon. announced the restriction of routine trips to Haiti to US government employees, due to concerns over security in that nation.

The embassy recommended its staff to avoid land travel to Haiti from the Dominican Republic and consult information about Haiti at the State Department before making any trips.

One of the recommendations made by the delegation is to postpone the trip by air or otherwise to “the risks of traveling to Haiti at this time.”

The warning posted Monday morning:

Security Alert – Embassy of the United States in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, November 9.

Event: Restrictions on travel to Haiti for US government personnel

The Embassy of Port-au-Prince announced the restriction of routine trips for US government employees within 15 miles of the capital due to safety concerns. Therefore, the US Embassy in Santo Domingo will require the approval of the Mission Chief for all trips to Haiti by US government personnel located in the Dominican Republic.

Actions to take:

Avoid land travel to Haiti from the Dominican Republic

Check the information on Haiti from the Department of State before traveling

Consider postponing it, traveling by air or otherwise mitigating the risks of traveling to Haiti at this time

Pay attention to local media

Review your personal safety plan

Share contact information and about your travel plans with family or friends

If traveling by land, consider traveling in caravans of two vehicles, if possible

If you find a blocked street, return and go to a safe place

Have an evacuation plan that does not depend on US government assistance.

For more information:

Embassy of the USA UU

Av. República de Colombia 57, Santo Domingo

Emergencies: 809-567-7775

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