Local January 30, 2019 | 7:41 am

10 jailed in Dominican Republic’s biggest ever tax fraud case

One of the Tremols Payero

Santo Domingo.- At least ten members of the business group Tremols Payero being held in the Ciudad Nueva courthouse will be arraigned today Wed. charged with tax fraud of more than US$186 million.

Seven members of the family business had been in custody yesterday when three more surrendered, of the 12 indicted for creating ghost companies to defraud the State through an alcoholic beverage business, in addition to money laundering.

The accused

Group CEO Ramón Rafael Tremols Payero, Hervys Rafael Tremols Payero, Eddy Samuel Tremols Payero, Leonardo Antonio Tremols Payero, Daniel de Jesus Tremols Payero, Rafael Alberto Tremols Acosta, Eduardo de Jesus Tremols Cruz, Carmen Adela Tremols Cruz, Maritselly of the Miracles Cruz López, Néstor Enmanuel López Alcántara, Waskar Alberto González Payero and Doris Alexandra López Urbáez.

Their arrest orders were issued last  Thursday before the raids of several businesses and homes of those indicted in the country’s biggest ever tax fraud case.

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