Local March 5, 2019 | 8:37 am

Senator wants to see colleagues charged in Odebrecht graft case

T. Galan

Santo Domingo.- Where are the other senators who were allegedly influenced to vote in favor of Odebrecht in the awarding of works,?” was, among others, one of the questions asked Mon. by the attorneys for Odebrecht case defendant, senator Tommy Galán.

During the first day of the legislator’s formal defense, the lawyers quoted a prosecution’s paragraph which states that Galán was “one of the legislators (senators) who managed and received large amounts of money, from Odebrecht, through the also accused in the case of Ángel Rondón.”

“He was one of the legislators, senators, in quotes, one, is there any other legislator in the room? Is there any other senator charged in the courtroom,?” said defense lawyer José Ricardo Taveras.

He questioned whether, according to the charges, Galán, as president of the Senate Finance Committee, influenced the other commission members, why he is not also implicated in the case.

“For the prosecution is one and the other senators who managed and received large amounts of money, where are the others?” … coming from Odebrecht through the accused Angel Rondón, representative of Odebrecht,” Taveras said.

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