Local April 2, 2019 | 7:48 am

‘Bagman’ in Odebrecht US$94M bribe case objects translation

A. Rondon.

Santo Domingo.- The defense of businessman Ángel Rondón on Mon. cast doubts about the Justice Ministry’s judicial translation, and asked judge Francisco Ortega to instruct the court interpreters to verify what the word “rulers” means In Portuguese.

After a recess of the preliminary hearing in the Odebrecht bribes case, where he began to present his defense, Rondón interrupted his lawyer’s opening remarks to sate his concern over the translation.

“When they go to verify the translation of that informer, Luis Eduardo Da Rocha Soares, I will want to determine what the word governors means in Portuguese,” he said.

The ‘bagman’ Rondon is the man defendant in the case of US$94 million in bribes which the Brazilian company admitted having paid to officials and former officials in exchange for State works.

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