Local May 23, 2019 | 1:28 pm

US official’s comment on ties riles the Chinese

Zhang Run, China envoy.

Santo Domingo.- The Chinese Embassy in the country on Thurs. rebuffed comments by David Bohigian, acting president and executive director of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation of the United States (OPIC), who questioned the results of Chinese-Dominican relations one year since established.

“The aforementioned US government official questioned the Sino-Dominican relationship without any evidence or fact, and aims to interfere in the current stable development of friendship and cooperation between China and the Dominican Republic. We refute that comment that is a lack of respect for both the Chinese side and the Dominican side, “the Chinese Embassy said in a statement.

It said diplomatic relations between China and the Dominican Republic have been developing normally during its first year “on the basis of equality, mutual respect and shared profits, bringing concrete benefits for well-being, and that is why it has won the broad support of the two peoples.”

“Chinese-Dominican cooperation is as fair as transparent and is not directed against any third party. We also hope that other countries can respect Sino-Dominican relations.”

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