Local May 24, 2019 | 8:50 am

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‘Express kidnappings’ nothing new: security expert

Santo Domingo.- Political scientist and citizen security expert, Daniel Pou, on Thurs. said the “express kidnappings” have been perpetrated in the country since 2003 and had already been implemented in practically all the countries of the area and that exist “because the application of criminal intelligence is lacking.”

He said what’s currently happening are spikes that emerge every two or three years, executed by small cells, “which have a level of planning and are not always committed by the same actors.”

“There has not been an intelligence work especially in the preventive part. Here the answers to the topics of the crimes are reactive; that is, they respond when they appear, because here we focus on the criminal manifestation, not on the criminal roots,” Pou said, quoted by Diario Libre. “It’s not what the police director says, that they are boys to buy drugs.”

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