Local July 2, 2019 | 7:31 am

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Odebrecht scandal sucks in Dominican Republic’s AG

J.A. Rodroguez.

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry did not include in the Odebrecht indictment the key names of those who took bribes through the Brazilian company’s Structured Operations Division.

According to the journalist Alicia Ortega, in her special report, Justice minister Jean A. Rodriguez knew the name of at least one of the companies that took bribes from Odebrecht, and despite that, wasn’t included in the case file either.

“Among the hundreds of payment orders delivered to the Attorney General by the construction company, we detected 13 with key names, some new and others that we had seen in the spreadsheets analyzed, these names are not included in the Prosecutor’s accusation,” said. Ortega in her television program.

Requests investigation

Political leader, Guido Gómez Mazara, on Mon. asked the Anticorruption Prosecutor (Pepca) to investigate the role, operations and receipt of funds from Odebrecht of the economist Andrés (Andy) Dauhajre.

Gómez Mazara said Dauhajre received around US$3.5 million and an apartment in New York valued at US$2 million, in his capacity as advisor to the Govt.

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