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82% of cases of dengue in DR are under 15 years of age

(FILES) A mosquito is bloated with blood as it inserts its stinger into human flesh in this undated file photo obtained from the US Department of Agriculture. US scientists have found a way to infect mosquitoes with bacteria in order to break the chain of malaria transmission, according to research published on May 9, 2013 in a leading scientific journal. A similar approach has helped cut back on dengue in some locations, and researchers hope that the findings could offer a path toward reducing malaria among the most common mosquitoes in the Middle East and South Asia. AFP PHOTO/USDA

82% of the cases of dengue registered by the country in epidemiological week number 23 correspond to the population under 15 years of age. As of yesterday, 19 minors had died at the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital. The files are audited by the Ministry of Health. 

The number of children admitted to the center rose to 38, seven of them in the intensive care unit, said the deputy director, Clemente Terrero. Dengue is transmitted through the Aedes aegypti mosquito. 

However, in the 23rd issue of the Epidemiology Department registers zero dengue mortality. 
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) had warned that 2019 would be a highly epidemic year.
Within this group of diseases transmitted by vectors, the two main diseases that affect the country are dengue and malaria. 

The Ministry of Health recommends the detection and timely diagnosis of cases in order to provide appropriate management and reduce the risk of the occurrence of deaths. 
In relation to dengue, in epidemiological week 23, 198 probable cases were reported, 82%, that is, 163 cases occurred in children under 15 years of age. 

In the last four weeks, 791 probable and confirmed cases have been reported, says the bulletin.
Half of the cases reside in the metropolitan region, mainly in the Santo Domingo East municipalities, with 113, Santo Domingo Norte 81, Santo Domingo de Guzmán 79, Santo Domingo West 64 and Los Alcarrizos 36. 

Regarding malaria, they recorded 13 confirmed cases, all autochthonous, residents in the municipalities Santo Domingo Oeste 6, Santo Domingo Este 5 and Santo Domingo de Guzmán dos. More than half of the cases reported reside in Santo Domingo Oeste.

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