Local July 17, 2019 | 12:12 pm

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Defeat reelection, but don’t fall into ruling party’s ‘trap’

G. Moreno

Santo Domingo.- Al-Pais party presidential candidate Guillermo Moreno  on Wed. urged the citizens not to desist in the mission to defeat president Danilo Medina’s reelection plans, but without “falling into the trap well prepared by those seeking (former president) Leonel Fernández’s habilitation.”

In addition to expressing his firm position in rejecting the push to amend the Constitution, the president of Al-País stressed that it’s not just about preventing Medina from seeking another term, “but to definitively remove the PLD (ruling party) from the Administration.”

“We must draw a clear dividing line between the opportunist opposition and the real opposition. The first is opposed to the reelection project, but is allied with Leonel’s faction. The second one opposes the constitutional amendment with the determined fight against the continuity of the PLD in the government,” Moreno said.

He said there’s no difference between Medina’s and Fernández’s factions or represent distinct political projects, since “neither of them care about democracy or the country’s institutions.”

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