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Next school year will have 1.3 million students in JEE (Extended School Day)

The start of the next 2019-2020 school year is projected to achieve a successful development unprecedented in the history of the education system, with an enrollment of around 1.3 million students in extended season, school sites in optimal conditions, cutting-edge technological tools, due commitment of teachers, and it is only expected to have an integration of families to accompany their children in the quality teaching-learning process. External source 08/01/2019

With an estimated enrollment of around 1.3 million students in Extended School Day (JEE), the Ministry of Education plans to start the 2019-2020 school year, on the 19th of this month. 

Henry Santos, director of the Ministerial Cabinet, at the head of a working meeting with the 18 regional directors, said that all efforts are made to ensure a successful school year, which will have the motto “The integration of the family into the school.” 

The official said that 300 thousand notebooks will be delivered to the same number of students, as part of the Digital Education Program that seeks to directly impact the teaching-learning process, guaranteeing a comprehensive, functional and dynamic education, as established by the Curriculum Competencies.

About 25 thousand laptops have already been delivered to the teaching staff belonging to the pilot program of technology classrooms to make Dominican education an updated source of learning, according to the demands of the new times. 

“It is expected that by the 19th of this month, when the school year begins, we will have more than 365 new schools in the Extended School Day, which will add more than 1,800 comfortable classrooms connected to the cloud, so we hope this new educational cycle is transcendental for the educational community,” he said.

New school bus routes will also be enabled to offer services to students residing in remote communities of schools, especially in rural areas, where families do not have means of transportation and access to Public does not guarantee the safety of children.

At the meeting, the official was accompanied by Rafael Darío Rodríguez, Administrative Deputy Minister, and Vivian Báez, Human Resources Director. 

Santos took stock with the regional directors about the needs of the respective educational communities, where, accompanied by the headlines of the decentralized institutions, they will give quick and timely responses. 

“On the instructions of Minister Antonio Peña Mirabal, we are deploying as many actions as necessary, with the resources on time, so that on the 19th of this month, when the banner of the beginning of teaching was raised, our students, teachers, administrative staff and Accompaniment of families, we can start and reach the end of the school year with the best results,” said the director of the Ministerial Cabinet.

He said that the new school year, which will be the motto “The integration of the family into the school,” will be developed by the significant advances provided by the Educational Revolution to the educational system, “hence, if we achieve enthusiastic students, Humanistically more committed teachers, and families with sufficient awareness of the need for their integration into the teaching-learning process, we can ensure that we will be at the doorstep of unprecedented success in all orders.” 

He said that a program was developed with special activities involving the families of regional education. 


Henry Santos, director of the Ministerial Cabinet, said that the inaugurations of new schools, thousands of added classrooms and 75% of the student enrollment in an extended course, constitute a resounding demonstration of the Government’s will so that no citizen is left out of education.

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