Local August 8, 2019 | 1:24 pm

“We must dismantle the rotten system in the DR,” says Quique Antún

The president of the Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC) declared that the “rotten” system in the Dominican Republic must be dismantled to change the course of the nation.

Quique Antún explained that it is a framework that began in the country 22 years ago.

He argued that this structure or plot includes the absolute control of justice, with the appointment of judges with recognized political militancy.

He also referred to the formation of “mafias” to do business from the State, which in his opinion has allowed many people to amass great fortunes.

In addition, he cited the distribution of millionaire resources in the legislative chambers through social programs such as the “barrel.”

The reformist leader, who was interviewed in the program “The Government of the Morning” produced by the radio station Z-101, said that the situation of rot in the Dominican system “is only comparable with a dictatorship.”

Quique Antún understands that it was time to dismantle a system that in his opinion is “totally rotten” and that has done terrible damage to the Dominican Republic.

Quique Antún indicated that the solution to dismantle that network is in the proposal to reform the Constitution of the Republic made by the Reform Party, which includes 11 points, and has received broad support from different sectors of society.

“You have to start dismantling it and I think that the first one who has to assume that is the President of the Republic if he wants to relinquish power,” he added.

He cited among the points that should be included in the reform of the Magna Carta, the unification of municipal elections with Congress and presidential elections; the elimination of the drag vote between deputies and senators throughout the national territory; exclude the Attorney General of the Republic from the National Council of the Magistracy; give youth a chance by decreasing the age of 25 to 18 years to qualify for the positions of senators and deputies, as well as depoliticize the Judiciary by establishing that the persons designated in the High Courts and throughout the judicial system “must have a minimum of ten years of nonpartisan militancy.”

Also, provide that senators, deputies, mayors, vice mayors, councilors, directors, deputy directors, and vocals may not occupy the same position for more than two consecutive periods, in order to facilitate alternation and generational renewal in the exercise of positions of popular election; maintain the American model for the election of the president and vice president of the Republic, having the possibility of two periods and never ever establish the necessary locks to prevent further reforms on the presidential system, in addition to the future authorization from 2024 of current president of the Republic.

The president of the PRSC said that some senators, deputies and mayors are eternal in their positions, “because they manage millions and millions of pesos, which allows these people to be in permanent campaign.”

“Who can compete with these legislators who receive millionaire economic support through different institutions?” He asked. And he added immediately: “They have all the money in the world, even some more than the Central Bank.”

He stressed that all these distortions must be dismantled now, “starting with the barrel.”

He said that if the current system is not changed, “this is going to collapse and serious problems will happen here.”

In that sense, he touched on the issue of indebtedness of the country, which he said exceeds 43 billion dollars “badly counted” and that if a cap is not set, as established in one of the points of the constitutional reform proposal made by the PRSC, “this country will not spend four or five years without falling into the economic crisis that Greece, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and other nations experienced.”

On the construction of the border wall with Haiti, which is one of the approaches of the Reform Party, he said that it could be lifted with a part of the 60 billion pesos that the different electoral processes that will be held in the country, beginning the primary October of this year, the municipal elections set for the month of February 2020 and the congressional and presidential elections of May of that year.

Quique Antún said that the wall is built with a budget of RD $ 37 billion, which will serve to curb Haitian illegal immigration and end the smuggling of weapons, food, medicines, cigarettes, fuels, trafficking in persons, drugs and many other things.

He explained that with the construction of the wall millionaire resources would be generated with the payment of taxes for the goods that would be declared in customs, money that could be used for the construction of hospitals in border towns and to buy medicines and medical equipment, as well as the hiring of more doctors and paramedics.

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