Local November 8, 2019 | 8:24 am

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The country is prone to trafficking of migrant children

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic does not escape the phenomenon of migrant children for which awareness is needed by the authorities in charge, according to the regional manager for issues of Trafficking and Illicit Trafficking of Migrants of Save the Children.

Vania Archibold Tuner said that as in other countries in the region, migrant smuggling networks use yola-type boats to transport children, adolescents and adults to one of the countries where other networks also operate.

“There have been children not only Dominicans but Haitians, Venezuelans who pass through the Dominican Republic. And yes, children do not migrate not so much unaccompanied, in the case of the Dominican Republic they travel with their families, but that is not an obstacle for them to face the dangers of the migration route,” Archibold told Diario Libre, before presenting the “let’s make it look” campaign

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