Local January 6, 2020 | 8:54 am

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Arab community of DR calls for peace in the face of EU-Iran conflict

Tony Raful, Samia and Souhair Aoun spoke with Listin

Santo Domingo, DR

Citizens with Arab ancestry in the Dominican Republic yesterday called for sanity and peace in the face of the current threat of war between the United States and Iran, after the death of the powerful Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, who was struck by a missile launched from a drone next to the Baghdad airport in Iraq.

The writer and historian Tony Raful spoke with the DAILY LISTIN and gave his opinion about it.

“We must prevent the conflict between the United States and Iran, drag humanity to an outcome of new tragedies and regrets,” said Raful.

The political leader also added that “today more than ever, the struggle for peace and mutual respect among nations, beliefs, groups, and cultures, must become the flag of identity for the peoples.”

Other calls

The dentist of Lebanese origin, Samia Aoun, lamented what is happening in the Middle East.

“I hope everything is managed through words and communication because nobody wants war; war means death and destruction, and it is a chain that brings misfortune and backwardness.”

While Dr. Souhair Aoun, also of Lebanese origin, said that both countries should reason and seek dialogue since the situation could so easily get out of control.

However, electronic engineer Yuseff Chaer, of Syrian-Palestinian origin, criticized US policy for the Middle East because it is not the first time that the United States acts that way. “As my sister said: You can not grab a stick and pound an anthill and wait for the ants to remain calm and not bite you,” he said.

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