Local January 8, 2020 | 10:24 am

Top official says Dominican cyberspace is protected

Santo Domingo.- Since mid 2018 the Dominican Republic has had a National Cybersecurity Strategy that establishes the necessary mechanisms to create a safer cyberspace, according to presidency chief of staff, Gustavo Montalvo, who chairs the National Cybersecurity Center board.

He said that half a year later the Center started operations and, subsequently, since August, we have a Cyber ​​Incident Response Center (CSIRT-RD) that protects the public, private, academic and sectors and citizens.

The National Cybersecurity Strategy Action Plan was approved in February 2019 by the National Cybersecurity Council.

“The Center coordinates the Action Plan of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, the execution of activities related to the four pillars, which have to do with institutional strengthening and the legal framework, the protection of critical infrastructure, promoting a culture in cybersecurity and establish national and international alliances, as well as means of collaboration between the public and private sectors to contribute to safer cyberspace,” Listin Diario reports.

It’s also responsible for the website that allows citizens to access guides, newsletters and cybersecurity alerts and online services that allow them to verify that their online identity has not been compromised.

“In addition to the above, the performance of the National Cyber ​​Incident Response Center (CSIRT-RD) is managed.”

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