Local January 9, 2020 | 7:41 am

Don’t fret, US envoy tells Dominican Republic

Be happy

Santo Domingo.- US ambassador, Robin Bernstein, on Wed. said Dominicans shouldn’t be too concerned about the economic repercussions that the conflict between her country and Iran could unleash.

She said president, Danilo Medina, has been able to diversify the economy and sources of income, and that it should also be understood that “this is a business cycle.”

“Understand that when there are tensions between countries there can be repercussions in any or all nations and it is important that as president Medina has done, having to have a diversified economy so as not to have to depend on one,” the diplomat said on concern in the country over a rise in the price of the dollar or devaluation of the peso.

“Understand that all things are part of a business cycle, there is a fluctuation because it is a business cycle …, the important thing is the protection of democracy.”

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