Local February 29, 2020 | 6:43 am

Low rainfall in the day, increase in the night

Today an environment of low rainfall will predominate, although in the afternoon there will be some rains in very focused areas of Los Haitises and the Central Mountain Range, due to the incidence of wind and contours of the land.

However, the prediction of ONAMET indicates that at night, a frontal system will begin to enter and increase the cloudiness so that scattered precipitation occurs, which could be moderate with gusts of wind over the north and northwest.

Tomorrow at dawn the frontal system will directly affect, and keep the showers towards the same areas. They could be moderate at times with gusts of wind.

Reports indicate that during the day the downpours will also cover the southeast, east, the central mountain range and part of the border with a possibility in the afternoon from moderate to strong in some locations with occasional gusts of wind, to the extent that the system continues its movement.
Alerts extend to possible rains in the southwest.

The temperatures are expected to be warm during the day in urban areas and low to cool during the night/early morning hours.

The summary for today is for little rain during the day and at night a frontal system will begin to generate rains in the north. The sky was clear last night with scattered clouds.

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