Local March 1, 2020 | 7:43 pm

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Italian confirmed with COVID-19 was staying at Viva Dominicus Beach hotel in Bayahibe

Santo Domingo, RD -. The Viva Resorts chain reported that the Italian identified with coronavirus (COVID-19) was at Viva Dominicus Beach and arrived without symptoms. The case was handled following established protocols and under the direction of the Ministry of Public Health. No other cases have been detected in the establishment.

In a press release, the hotel chain said the case has been handled following the protocols of the World Health Organization.

Full text of the statement:

The Viva Resorts chain considers it important to inform that the person identified as being affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) by the national health authorities is a guest of our Viva Dominicus Beach hotel. We can assure you that the case has been handled following the protocols of the World Health Organization and under the direction of the Ministry of Public Health.

The person in question arrived at the hotel without showing any symptoms (asymptomatic) that caught the attention. He subsequently showed a mild to moderate flu picture, and the next day a moderate fever.

The health services and epidemiological control and critical points that the hotel has, allowed to detect in time the situation of this guest. He was immediately isolated from the other guests and collaborators, and the Ministry of Public Health was notified and immediately sent a team specialized in handling these types of cases, took control of the process and decided to transfer the guest to a hospital. Subsequently, the analyzes confirmed that he was a patient with coronavirus.

Under the supervision of public health, assisted by the hotel health services and their collaborators trained to proceed in this situation, and following the international protocol, the establishment has undergone a deep sanitation process using state-of-the-art special products. In addition, all persons who were in contact with that guest are under the supervision of the specialized staff of the Ministry of Health. At the time of issuing this communication, no other person had been found suspected of carrying the virus.

Viva Resorts, following the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health, will offer its guests and related persons the necessary information to guide them on the follow-up to this case and on the special measures, if appropriate, that the authorities decide, under supervision and control we will act in every moment.

The health of our guests, today and always, is a priority for this hotel group. We thank the trust of our guests and those related to our ability to handle the situation. We also express our appreciation to the Ministry of Public Health for its rapid response and the professionalism shown in the process and the support offered to proceed following the international protocol.

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