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Parents of the newlyweds Punta Cana wedding request “real apologies” to the country

SANTO DOMINGO.- The parents of the newlyweds from the wedding held on March 14 in Punta Cana, which turned out to be a focus of coronavirus contamination, according to Public Health, apologized this Saturday because that event has become a concern for the entire country.

“We feel extremely distressed, and we ask for our most genuine apologies that such a special event as the marriage of our children has become a matter of concern for us, the guests and the country,” the Sanz families said in a statement. Cabán- León Bisonó.

They add that at no time was the wedding ceremony intended to put anyone’s life at risk.

The statement issued by the parents of the bride and groom

“We are deeply sorry that an event that was organized out of love has become a matter of national dismay,” the statement said.

The families also reported that they have taken the isolation and quarantine measures and that they continue to collaborate with the health authorities.

This Friday, the Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, affirmed that this wedding represented a source of contamination to COVID-19 because a large group of foreigners attended it.

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“Regarding the wedding, certainly there was a visit by a significant number of foreigners who participated in it, and it has been a source of contamination,” said the official.

Precisely Sánchez Cárdenas himself reported this Saturday that Miguel Paul Vargas, the son of the chancellor, Miguel Vargas, was infected with the coronavirus at that wedding, in which numerous attendees were infected, according to a press conference.

“The point of contact, he is one of the wedding attendees that has been mentioned,” said the minister.

Currently, 52 patients are hospitalized with COVID-19, while another 57 are in home isolation in the country.

In total, there are 112 infections now registered in the Dominican Republic, 40 more than those announced the day before, and three deaths.

About the wedding

In the crazy hour of the marriage union, the attendees wore clothing similar to those worn by patients with coronavirus.

Also, in the photos circulated featuring the ceremony, people with masks and a bar with syringes are observed, which were full of alcohol simulating that it was the vaccine for the virus.

After the commotion generated on social networks, the Novella agency, in charge of organizing the wedding, apologized.

“The Novella team deeply regrets the organization of the activity called BARMACIA that took place at the wedding on Saturday. At no time was our intention to mock the serious situation that the world is going through with the spread of COVID-19. We want to highlight that BARMACIA was not the crazy party time and the concept was not about the coronavirus either. However, we recognize that this was not the time to carry out an activity of this nature; for this, we apologize,” expresses a message posted on his Instagram account.

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