Local April 11, 2020 | 8:19 am

Generally good weather throughout the DR: hot with some localized showers

Today good weather conditions will remain; presenting a clear sky with scattered clouds and sun in most of the towns of the Dominican Republic, provided by the anticyclonic circulation, however, the wind will bring light humidity that when combined with the orography of the terrain will cause some local showers and possible thunderstorms towards the border area, Cordillera Central (central mountains) and the southwest region mainly during the afternoon.

For Sunday, the humidity values ​​will remain minimum with scant precipitation at the national level. However, the wind in addition to the local effects will concentrate clouds in isolated sectors of the northeast, southeast and central mountain ranges with some showers of short duration. A frontal trough will pass over the north of the country with little incidence.

For Monday, a frontal trough will be located to the north/northeast of our territory but won’t produce conditions to generate significant rainfall due to the effects of anticyclone circulation that limits the development of highly evolving clouds. We do not rule out that the east/northeast wind shift contributes a fragment of clouds plus local effects, could give rise to passing showers towards the northeast, southeast, Central Cordillera region in the afternoon.

Temperatures will remain hot, especially in urban areas due to the incidence of east/southeast wind.

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