Local April 25, 2020 | 10:57 am

Reminder: Your English language news source in the Dominican Republic is also available on weekends

Ground level view of life in the DR. Puerto Plata's Mount Isabel de Torres looms in the distance (Source Melinda Mose)

Joaquin de Nobriga

Puerto Plata


Hola everyone!

As the coronavirus crisis grips the planet, we here at Dominican Today wish to provide clarity and decrease confusion during these days of heightened chaos. Therefore, I wished to reassure our readers that all articles at Dominican Today are correctly sourced, thoroughly legitimate, and gathered from top credible journalists, news agencies, and accredited media outlets around the Dominican Republic.

There is no “fake news” at Dominican Today. All articles come from confirmed and verified proper channels.

As the preeminent English language newspaper in the Dominican Republic, we do our best in translating Spanish to English. We do realize, however, that there will be occasional rough spots and linguistic oddities as a result of translations to where the meanings of some articles may be slightly altered or compromised. These slight semantical or syntactical inconsistencies in no way affect the core veracity or legitimacy of the articles. We ask your patience and understanding.

Thanks for your continued deeply appreciated patronage, and we hope to see you here on Saturdays and Sundays as we post up-to-the-minute articles and occasional unique locally relevant columns!

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