Local May 25, 2020 | 4:04 pm

Ruling party candidate’s assets ballooned ‘518%’ as official

Santo Domingo.- Veteran politico Guido Gómez Mazara on Mon. filed a request with the Anticorruption Office to investigate presidential candidate Gonzalo Castillo for alleged unjustified wealth during the seven years as an official.

According to the filing, the ruling party candidate’s assets ballooned 518% during his tenure as an official since August 2012.

Gomez cites as evidence that in that period, Castillo’s companies profited due to sustained relationships with government institutions.

“This deserves an evaluation in accordance with the legal system, the limitations of the public function and the undeniable development of his financial emporium that is out of proportion with the levels of rationality and business progress, since it increased 518% in 7 years.”

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