Local June 8, 2020 | 9:22 am

Dirt farming is what most ravages Dominican habitats

Irrigation pipes dismantled in Valle Nuevo

Santo Domingo.- Agriculture  continues to be the main cause of habitat destruction, said Yolanda León, an environmentalist with the Grupo Jaragua.

She said that to achieve sustainability, the country must look “harshly” at the system of exploitation of protected areas and migratory agriculture, but recognized that the latter is the “most difficult to deal with”.

During an online presentation, within the framework of World Environment Day, León stated that the population close to forested and protected areas need jobs, as a way to avoid the depredation of those natural spaces.

“To save the environment, you have to work to create jobs. Many times the lack of work is what is causing people to prey on protected areas, forests, and irregularly appropriate land.”

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