Local July 28, 2020 | 8:08 am

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Environment reopens protected areas for ecotourism

Santo Domingo.- The Environment and Natural Resources Ministry on Mon. reopened to ecotourism the protected areas during the current state of emergency.

Environment Minister Ángel Estévez indicated that the resumption of visits will be carried out in compliance with a strict protocol established by the environmental institution and containing the measures adopted by health authorities, to guarantee the health of national and foreign visitors, the guides, support staff and Ministry personnel who work there.

For the restart of these activities, the measures implemented by the Tourism Ministry in the reopening of the country’s tourist operations have also been taken into account.

Among the protected areas that can now be visited, observing the rules designed to maintain hygiene in each space, figure Cotubanama National Park (Isla Saona and Palmilla), in La Romana; Jaragua National Park, Pedernales; Monte Cristi Submarine National Park, Cayo Arena, El Morro, Estero Balsa and Isla Cabra, in Montecristi, as well as Los Haitises, in Hato Mayor-Samaná and Lake Enriquillo and Isla Cabritos.

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