Local August 7, 2020 | 7:54 am

TV and radio will be used for distance learning

Santo Domingo.-The COVID-19 pandemic has rethought many aspects of daily life, especially for schoolchildren. Distance learning will continue beyond expectations and virtual classes will continue to be the way out to educate children and adolescents.

But reality can fuel social inequalities, so radio and television will become tools to achieve the goal. That is at least for students for whom internet access is limited or difficult. For schoolchildren in private schools, the reality is different.

The lists of schools, given the possibility of maintaining the virtual class formula beyond what was thought, now include electronic equipment such as tablets and personal computers, in an attempt to involve everyone in this type of distance learning.

Minister of Education designee Roberto Fulcar, on Thur. said that he will work so that all the boys and girls in the country have access to technology and connectivity for the upcoming school year.

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