Local August 18, 2020 | 12:03 pm

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Electric transportation gains space in the country

They praise Luis Abinader for getting around in an electric car.

SANTO DOMINGO.- Electric mobility will occupy a principal place in the transformation of the Dominican Republic’s transport, as understood by Roberto Herrera, InterEnergy’s country manager, who sees that the first president will be sworn-in with a 100% electric vehicle.

He asserted that it is an action in favor of sustainable mobility, aligned with our commitment as a country with the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) ”.

“The future of electric mobility is now, and yesterday we witnessed a historic moment in this momentum as a country.

The fact that President Luis Abinader attended his swearing-in in an electric vehicle translates into a powerful message in favor of more sustainable transportation technologies. We are aligned with our commitment as a country to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),” he specified in a message referring to travel through electric cars.


—1— Change

By 2025, the production of traditional combustion cars will be reduced.

—2— Advance

There are currently 150 Evergo charging stations installed or in the process of being installed in the country.

—3— Projection

The stated goal is to reach 500 charging stations by next year.

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