Local September 15, 2020 | 2:55 pm

Embassy of Canada will develop nine projects in the Dominican Republic

Canadian ambassador to DR SHauna Hemingway

Through the Canada Fund in the Dominican Republic, the Embassy of Canada signed nine new projects that have gender equality as a transversal axis, especially women, people in conditions of vulnerability, transparency, prosperity, human rights, and the situation of COVID -19 in the country.

These projects respond to the needs of the affected communities and the Dominican Republic’s regulations and requests.

Among these projects is the “Emergency response in public health to the Covid-19 crisis” with the World’s entity Doctors.

In the Jeringa and Las Flores communities, in San Cristóbal, with Sur Futuro, they will develop a project to provide emergency response in public health and humanitarian support to improve the prevention of COVID-19 in vulnerable women.

They will contribute resources to the InnovaLab project, Laboratory of Innovation for Democracy with Citizen Participation; with the UNDP will contribute to the project “Inclusive socio-economic recovery and livelihoods of LGBTI people, people with disabilities and post-COVID-19 migrants” and for the creation of an Application for the Unique project for the empowerment of girls in Cabarete, Puerto Plata with The Dream Project.



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