Local April 7, 2021 | 2:02 pm

This is how the murder of the evangelical husband and wife in Villa Altagracia occurred, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Santo Domingo, DR.

The account of the facts about the murder of the married couple Joel Díaz and Elizabeth Muñoz, constructed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, points out the disproportionate and excessive manner in which the six National Police officers who caused their death acted.

The Villa Altagracia Prosecutor’s Office points out that the police patrol had improvised a roadblock at kilometers 45 of the Duarte Highway to control the flow of vehicles, which caused vehicles traveling in a north-south direction to slow down.

“So at the moment of them noticing the presence of the white Kia car, in which the victims rode, the police agents immediately surprised the victims with a burst of shots of different calibers and in different directions, without allowing them to stop, much less make visual contact with the occupants of the vehicle,” says the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Prosecutor’s Office establishes that this act evidences the deliberate intention on the part of the acting police officers to make use of their firearms, “making an extremely excessive and disproportionate use, in violation of all protocols.”

This action has an aggravating factor, according to the Prosecutor’s Office. And that is that the agents used high caliber weapons such as the M-16 rifle and the submachine gun that “are in the hands of the Public Prosecutor’s Office as evidence in the present process.”

The Prosecutor’s Office indicates that Joel Eusebio Díaz Ferrer, Eliza Muñoz Marte, Alberto Ramírez Lamais and Carlos José Pérez Báez were traveling on board the Kia car, model K5, white, license plate No. A823239, on the Duarte Highway, and that they were intercepted at kilometer 45 near the north entrance of the municipality of Villa Altagracia by a police patrol that “murdered them in a criminal act.”

“Without mediating words, they shot at them, causing their deaths by multiple gunshot wounds to the married couple Joel Eusebio Díaz Ferrer and Eliza Muñoz Marte, and wounds to the young Claudio Alberto Ramírez Lamais,” indicates the Prosecutor’s Office in its request for one year of preventive imprisonment.

The Prosecutor’s Office establishes in its document, deposited in court, that in the criminal action, all the defendants presented at the request of coercive measure participated, who shot atrociously at the victims.

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