Local May 5, 2021 | 4:09 pm

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President Abinader receives his first dose of the COVID vaccine

  • The president was inoculated two days after Phase II of the # VacúnateRD Plan that enables those over 50 to get vaccinated.


This Wednesday, the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona, received the first dose of the Sinovac vaccine against COVID-19 at the San Carlos Club in the National District, near the National Palace.

The president was inoculated two days after the start of Phase II of the #VacúnateRD Plan that enables those over 50 years of age to be vaccinated and on the eve of the arrival of a batch with two million more Sinovac vaccines sent from China.

To date, more than two million Dominicans have received the COVID-19 vaccine. The figure includes the first and second doses. The National Vaccination Plan began on February 16 with the front-line staff of the Ramon de Lara Hospital, where the first patients with the disease began to be treated.

This would be the fourth shipment of vaccines arriving in the Dominican Republic from China.

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