Health November 11, 2021 | 2:46 pm

Protocol to vaccinate children against Covid prepared

Daniel Rivera

Santo Domingo, DR

The Ministry of Public Health is carrying out studies. It is working on the protocol and logistics to be used in the country for the vaccination against Covid-19 in children from five to 11 years of age, which will be voluntary and not obligatory. This was stated yesterday by the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, who assured that the Cabinet of Health and the Presidency of the Republic are doing all the necessary studies before starting the application because this is a special population.

“Perhaps it was thought that the day after it was approved, vaccination would begin but no, because it is a special population, it is being studied, seeing that perhaps it would be better in the evening or on weekends, among other aspects,” said the Minister of Health, regarding the decision adopted by the country to vaccinate against Covid-19 to children from five to 11 years old, which is a population that exceeds 1,300,000,000 minors.

He pointed out that there are mothers who have specific fears about the vaccine and that all this is being looked at, but that it is known that Sinovac is an attenuated virus vaccine, about which there is a lot of experience.

He said that the criteria for the vaccination of children will be established and that parents will be informed about everything related to the process, for the beginning of which no specific date has been confirmed yet.

Contagion in children
Regarding the position of pediatricians that vaccination should not be rushed and that there should be clear information on the behavior of the virus, the Minister of Health assured that in the meeting held with representatives of specialized medical societies, everything related to the subject was explained.

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November 12, 2021 12:13 pm

voluntary and not obligatory.”


Parents, do NOT play Fauci Roulette with your spawn…