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Soto Jiménez: Illegal immigration is swallowing the fruits of Dominican democracy

Former Defense Minister José Miguel Soto Jiménez considered that Dominicans must assume political participation to ensure the defense and sovereignty of the Dominican Republic. He said that the country, at no other time in its history, had received illegal migration from Haiti, as it is happening now. When participating in the conversation: Two Nations, Two Cultures, Cohabiting on an Island, sponsored by the law firm Avila Guilamo y Asociados, based in La Estancia Golf, in La Romana, where it was held, Soto Jiménez expressed that the country’s sovereignty depends on the responsibility that is assumed politically since it is not possible to continue turning our backs on the difficult situation we are facing in the face of massive illegal migration.

He argued that the fight for national sovereignty should be maintained and the interest of young people in politics should be strengthened. “The most serious of the crimes of what is happening in our country is that this illegal migration is swallowing the fruits of Dominican democracy, which has cost us so much pain and blood,” emphasized the former secretary of the Armed Forces. He assured us that a very dangerous element is the repeated international attempt to force us to violate our sovereignty. “All the conquests of our democracy have cost us a lot, we cannot continue giving up even one iota of what the founders of the Homeland conquered,” said Soto Jimenez.

From his point of view, the Dominicans must once again raise the cry of Capotillo and at this moment the way to do it is with a vote at the polls. He understands that no one can remain indifferent to this dangerous situation and that it is time to take responsibility. Soto Jiménez reiterated that the priority issue for the country and for the upcoming elections will be the great threats we face as a free and independent nation.

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Paul Tierney
March 4, 2023 8:56 am

Haiti is a country without governance. The RD is the recipient of the collateral damage of Haiti and pays dearly for it. Because Haiti is experiencing a de facto civil war whose players, the gang and mafias actors, are fighting among themselves unopposed to gain whatever profit they can draw from the dust of a starved and frail country. It is said because gang warring is an “internal” country matter, international peace keeping organizations stand off. They do little other than to throw a dime and a candy bar at the people and express it is all they can do. The RD is ready to throw up its hands in disgust of the international response. The RD has been victimized by reason of the costly humanitarian aid it provides free to Haitians on the RD side of the border. It could be suggested the RD invading Haiti to fight whoever defies it would be the trigger bring in international peace keepers and aid of all types. The latter won’t happen !!!

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Charles A Coletta
March 28, 2023 8:39 am

The RD is a beautiful country with unlimited potential that is facing the same dangerous invasion as the United States. The USA from the entire world entering illegally through Mexico and the DR from Haiti. Haiti is a territory without governance, law or moral baseline that is run almost exclusively by the Gangs and Warlords. While you can’t afford to just move in and destroy the threats, the DR must defend it’s border against these illegal entries. The DR has one up on the US in this area. They have the flexibility to deploy their military forces to protect their sovereignty and should do so quickly. When you have a water leak in your home what do you do. First you turn off the water supply line and then fix the leak. Close the border except for essential commercial traffic and guard it with armed military forces. Then begin the immediate deportation of all illegals. Offer a reward for turning in an illegal. That might cost in the short term but the long term benefit of reducing the illegal population will far outweigh the cost. Also, you must summarily deny ALL social services without a Cedula and require the facilities to report these illegals that attempt to obtain services. I know this sounds harsh but the DR simply cannot afford to stand by and let it happen.