Local December 12, 2023 | 3:59 pm

Colombian inmate allegedly escapes from local prison during visiting hours

Barahona.- Reports have emerged that a Colombian prisoner, identified only as “Cuchito,” has escaped from a local public prison. The escape reportedly occurred this Sunday during visiting hours, a time when “Cuchito” allegedly managed to evade the prison guards unnoticed.

“Cuchito” was serving a sentence for drug trafficking, but details of his sentence length and the circumstances of his escape remain unclear, including whether any accomplices aided in the breakout.

As the news circulates on social media, the police authorities have yet to confirm or deny these claims. The public and media are currently awaiting an official statement from the Southern Regional Directorate of the Police to clarify the situation and provide further details on the escape. The lack of official confirmation has left many questions unanswered about this alleged prison break.

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