Local January 12, 2024 | 2:34 pm

Opposition party files complaint alleging government used State resources to benefit ruling party

Santo Domingo.– The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), the country’s main opposition party, filed a complaint with the Central Electoral Board (JCE) on Thursday alleging that the government has been using state resources to benefit candidates from the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

The PLD said in a statement that the alleged misuse of state resources has occurred in several municipalities and provinces across the country, and that it constitutes a “gross violation” of the country’s electoral law.

In a letter to the JCE president, the PLD cited six specific cases in which government officials have conducted social assistance operations and distributed public resources in communities with the presence and active participation of PRM candidates for senator, deputy, mayor, and councilor.

One of the cases cited by the PLD involved Vice President Raquel Peña, who headed an event on December 7 to distribute Christmas bonus cards at the Pueblo Nuevo sports club in the municipality of Santiago de los Caballeros. The PRM’s candidate for mayor of Santiago, Ulises Rodríguez, was also present at the event.

“Rodríguez is on leave from his public duties during the electoral campaign, which means he should not participate in any official government activities until after the February 18 municipal elections,” the PLD said.

Another case cited by the PLD involved the director of the Commission for Neighborhood Development, Rolfi Rojas Guzmán, who allegedly delivered a church in the municipality of Ramón Santana, province of San Pedro de Macorís, on Tuesday. Rojas was accompanied by the provincial governor and PRM candidate for senator Aracelis Villanueva, as well as candidates for councilor in the municipality.

The PLD said that it has evidence to support all of the allegations it has made, and that the JCE should take action to investigate and sanction the responsible parties.

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January 13, 2024 12:46 am

I love the color , we get chicharrónes from Hermanos Villar than we sit con Rafaelito in front and admire colors ….

Paul Tierney
January 13, 2024 9:20 am

The PLD should review its own behavior when its leaderships, Fernadez and Medina, ruled the country. The many scandals during that time took state resources to benefit the PLD players. PLD don’t throw stones in a glass house.

January 13, 2024 10:29 am

Government and religion with unchecked campaign funding from public and private sources, what could possibly go wrong ? 🙂