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DR to host the Ibero-American Meeting of Energy Regulators

Santo Domingo.- The XXIV Annual Meeting of Ibero-American Entities of Energy Regulators (ARIAE) is set to take place in the Dominican Republic from February 6 to 8. The Superintendence of Electricity (SIE), acting as the event’s hosts, has introduced an additional component to the meeting – the inaugural ARIAE Business Forum.

This innovative initiative, spearheaded by Superintendent of Electricity Andrés Astacio Polanco, has been warmly received by the international organization. The 1st ARIAE Business Forum will serve as a crucial platform for members of this regional association to exchange experiences and regulatory insights with distinguished guests.

As the regulatory entity overseeing the Dominican electricity sector, the SIE aims to capitalize on this unique opportunity to share the international regulatory perspective and strengthen regional collaboration. Superintendent Astacio expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Hosting this forum is an honor for our country and represents a unique opportunity to continue aligning efforts towards achieving the energy goals we have set as a nation. We are dedicated to advancing and effectively regulating our electrical industry. This event is an open door to showcase our leadership and contributions to the international energy community.”

Highlighting the significance of the initiative, he added, “The 1st ARIAE Business Forum, as part of the association’s annual meeting, symbolizes a leap forward in our mission to consistently enhance energy regulation. By bringing together experts, industry leaders, and for the first time, opening the doors to the business electricity sector, we are fostering a valuable exchange of knowledge and experiences that will benefit the entire region.”

The choice of the Dominican Republic as the hosting country underscores its increasing role in regional energy regulation. Economic, social, and political indicators demonstrate stability and maturity, forming a foundation for building robust alliances.

The ARIAE Business Forum’s program will encompass sessions focused on clean electricity production technologies, the integration of clean electricity into the electrical system, and the role of other clean energies in the decarbonization of the energy system.

Beyond fostering networking and idea exchange, hosting this event in the Dominican Republic is expected to yield benefits in both the energy and economic realms. It will further solidify the country’s position as a key player in the development and effective regulation of the energy industry at the national, regional, and international levels.

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