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Abinader gains backing of Dominican creative and cultural industry

Santo Domingo.- On Thursday, Luis Abinader, the Dominican president and presidential candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and allied parties, received a notable show of support from the Dominican creative and cultural industry.

Gathering over a thousand artists, writers, intellectuals, and artisans from the Dominican cultural sector, the event was a resounding endorsement of Abinader’s candidacy for reelection with the PRM and its allies.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, Abinader emphasized the invaluable contribution of the cultural sector to the Dominican Republic’s rich tapestry through its artistic endeavors, music, and cultural heritage.

Accompanied by his wife Raquel Arbaje, Abinader expressed his deep commitment to both the country and its cultural vibrancy. He acknowledged the sector’s support as integral to his vision of building a nation that fulfills the aspirations of every Dominican.

Reflecting on his presidency’s response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Abinader underscored the government’s efforts to support the artistic-cultural sector during the crisis period. Specific plans were implemented to assist various segments within the sector, which had been severely impacted by the country’s closure for over two and a half years.

Moreover, Abinader highlighted the economic resurgence witnessed in the past year and a half, signaling a promising path toward recovery for the Dominican creative and cultural industry.

Listening attentively to the sector’s needs and policy recommendations, Abinader assured that each demand would be carefully evaluated and integrated into the government’s agenda in the best interest of the nation. He pledged unwavering support for the sector’s promotion and materialization of its aspirations.

Looking ahead to his next presidential term, Abinader announced plans for the establishment of a cultural cabinet comprising key institutions such as the Ministries of Education, Tourism, and Foreign Relations. This collaborative effort aims to formulate public policies that bolster the cultural sector and enhance its contribution to national development.

The event also served as a platform for the presentation of an array of cultural proposals by representatives of the sector. Additionally, a manifesto titled “Now it’s up to Art and Culture” was delivered, outlining nine key commitments to strengthen the country’s cultural infrastructure.

Abinader pledged to champion legislation that empowers creators and ensures widespread cultural participation across the Dominican Republic. He affirmed his dedication to fostering a thriving cultural landscape that preserves Dominican identity and enriches the lives of its citizens.

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