Local April 23, 2024 | 7:27 pm

AMCHAMDR’s Ordinary General Assembly 2024 elects new board of directors

Santo domingo.- The American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR) has unveiled the results of the votes cast for the election of its new Council of Directors during the Ordinary General Assembly held this Tuesday, April 23. Edwin De los Santos, the incumbent president and head of AES Dominicana, has been re-elected for the 2024-2025 term.

Joining De los Santos on the Executive Committee are Francesca Rainireri from Grupo Punta Cana and María Waleska Álvarez from NAP del Caribe as vice presidents, Steven Puig from Banco BHD as Treasurer, Eduardo Cruz from Grupo Humano as Secretary, and Roberto Herrera from Interenergy Group as immediate past president.

As associate members, Danilo Ginebra, CEO of Altice Dominicana; José A. Álvarez, managing partner of Álvarez y Sánchez; Carlos José Cueto, CEO of Claro Dominicana; Lucile Houellemont, president of Dominican Watchman; Alexander Schad, executive president of Frederic Schad; and María Esther Valiente, director of Corporate Affairs of Valiente Fernández, were elected.

For link or US-linked members, Juana Barceló, president of Barrick Pueblo Viejo; Juan O. Velázquez, vice president and administrator of Central Romana Corporation; Erik Alma, Chairman & CEO of HIT; Carlos José Martí, president of Grupo Martí; Fernando Villanueva, president of Viamar SA; and Blanca Sofía Antor, general manager of VISA in the Dominican Republic, were elected.

During the Assembly, William Malamud, Executive Vice President, presented the Financial Statements of the American Chamber of Commerce for the year 2023. Furthermore, William Malamud, who has served as the executive vice president since 1998, was ratified during the Assembly. He presented the entity’s accountability for 2023 and the work plan for 2024.

Candidates for the Board of Directors had to meet specific requirements set by the American Chamber of Commerce, including being active members of AMCHAMDR with over 10 years of professional experience, holding high-level executive positions, and not holding public office or being legally disqualified.

According to the statutes of AMCHAMDR, the Ordinary General Assembly holds supreme authority within the Chamber, with its decisions binding on all members, regardless of attendance or dissent.

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