Local May 3, 2024 | 4:06 pm

EDESUR Dominicana unveils Operational Plan for 2024 Elections

Santo Domingo.- EDESUR Dominicana has unveiled its Operational Plan for the 2024 Presidential and Congressional Elections, aiming to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply in its concession area on May 19, coinciding with the Dominican Republic’s presidential and congressional elections.

The plan encompasses specialized maintenance for substations and internal inspections of electrical connections at the Central Electoral Board, Electoral Board of the National District, as well as 72 Municipal Boards, and 1,185 Electoral Colleges within their jurisdiction.

Milton Morrison, the General Administrator of EDESUR, disclosed that the company’s technicians and engineers will conduct thermographic studies using drones and visual inspections to preempt breakdowns.

He further stated that EDESUR substations will receive enhanced military security measures and continuous real-time monitoring via cameras.

“Milton Morrison emphasized that EDESUR personnel will be working tirelessly, with brigades stationed at strategic locations to promptly address any unforeseen circumstances,” the spokesperson added.

Additionally, EDESUR collaborated with the Electric Transmission Company (ETED) to coordinate joint efforts such as preventive maintenance on transmission lines and substations, as well as tree pruning activities.

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