Local June 13, 2024 | 2:10 pm

DA Director assesses rain damage at Constanza Airport

Constanza.- The Director of the Airport Department (DA), Víctor Pichardo, visited the June 14 Expedition Airport in Constanza, La Vega, to assess the damage caused by recent heavy rains and to initiate corrective measures.

Accompanied by DA technicians and the municipal mayor, Pichardo conducted a thorough inspection of the airport, focusing on the perimeter fence, airfield, storm drainage channels, and other infrastructure affected by flooding.

“We are meticulously verifying the damage caused by the rains at this domestic airport and evaluating the condition of each area impacted by sediment buildup along the perimeter fence and runway to plan for restoration,” Pichardo explained, alongside Mayor Francisco Marte (Kiko).

Pichardo outlined immediate actions, including cleaning and repairing drainage channels, removing loose material from the runway and taxiway, and maintaining green areas and runway strips to restore the airport to operational status.

He also mentioned collaborating with Mayor Francisco Marte to support the municipality’s needs in response to the rain damage and the emergency declaration by President Luis Abinader for the province and other affected areas.

“The municipality of Constanza is facing a challenging period due to these rains, which have also impacted farmers’ infrastructure, homes, and other areas. We are working together to provide effective solutions for each issue,” Pichardo added.

Mayor Kiko Marte expressed gratitude for Pichardo’s visit and efforts to address the airport’s problems. “As you can see, President Luis Abinader declared a state of emergency in five provinces, including ours. The rains caused significant damage to agriculture and the airport, but we are working to resolve these issues.”

Pichardo was accompanied by Christiern Broberg, Director of Airport Design; Vianca Matos, Head of Project Supervision; Ana Imbert, Director of Airport Administrations; delegate Rafael Rosario Taveras; and other officials.

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Paul Tierney
June 14, 2024 1:46 pm

The airport has been there many, many years. Improvements came after 2004 just to label it international to benefit rare express export of produce. Air traffic movement in/out of the airport is soft. It could be reasonable to suggest the improvements desired now have been on the agenda for years. The damage cause by the rains maybe is a pretext to get quick funding.